Amazing Aotearoa Activity Book: Gavin Bishop

SKU Code: 6571589

You'll have lots of creative fun with this book full of puzzles, quizzes and activities that explore Aotearoa New Zealand and its people.

This activity book is a place for you to tell your own story in words and pictures. You'll - learn to introduce yourself in Maori - solve puzzles and crack codes - play games - invent a superhero - draw your future home - make maps - curate your heroes in a wall of fame - design a flag - create a menu and much more!

Packed with quizzes, mazes, colouring pages and activities designed to stimulate bright minds, this is the ideal activity book for creative children.


  • Format: paperback/softback
  • Publication Date: 29/09/2020
  • Publisher: Penguin Group (NZ)
  • Country of Origin: New Zealand
  • Pages: 96
  • Dimensions: 314 x 230 x 13 mm
  • Suitable Ages: 3-8 years