Compost Bin Tumbler (190L)

SKU Code: 148001

Composting your kitchen scraps and garden waste helps cut down on rubbish disposal costs - as well as your contribution to landfills - by recycling organic materials into a nutrient-filled supplement for your garden. While saving you money on commercial composts or manure, your home-made compost will improve the soil quality and microflora of your garden, making it healthier, more productive and easier to work with.

This tumbling compost bin has a unique design that makes composting faster by letting in fresh air to supply the oxygen needed for bacterial activity. Give it a tumble every two or three days to help aerate it. The built-in mixing fins help break up clumps so your compost stays loose for optimal airflow.

The drum is fully enclosed so that your compost stays warm and won’t dry out, and is safe from getting soggy when it rains. Made from 90% recycled plastic, the drum is also UV protected to stop strong sunlight from killing the bacteria your compost needs. The large front opening allows easy access, but closes securely to keep in odours and keep out insects and animals.

The heavy-duty steel frame and sturdy wheels keep your compost bin off the ground and let you easily manoeuvre it around, without lifting it or straining your back.

For the best composting system around, try a tumbling composter today.


  • Compost tumbler
  • Fully enclosed design
  • Sturdy steel frame construction
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • 90% recycled plastic drum with UV protection
  • Large front opening


  • Capacity: 190L
  • Wheel diameter: 230mm
  • Size: 99.5L x 79W x 90H cm
  • Weight: 19.6kg