Torpedo7 Honu 30" Skimboard


Originating in Southern California the 1920’s, skimboarding was born when Laguna Beach lifeguards wanted to surf the local shorebreak that was too fast and shallow for surfboards. Skimboarding is now more popular than ever and growing from casual skate style moves on shore lined wash to full on shore wave riding.
This 30” Honu skimboard from Torpedo7 is engineered from tough plywood to stand up against rocks, shells or anything else you might come across in the shallows. The plywood construction is complimented by a smooth rocker shape in the nose of the board to keep you up on top of the water.
Make sure you keep your skimboard with you at all times on the beach this summer so you can experience thrill and speed even when conditions keep you out of deeper water.

  • Plywood construction
  • Rocker in the tip
  • Honu Sea Turtle design
  • 76 x 50 cm