Anyfish Anywhere MK2 Four & Bait 14ft Fixed Spool Rod


The Anyfish Anywhere MK2 Four and Bait 14ft fixed spool rod is affectionately known in NZ as the AFAW 4 n Bait. Like the larger AFAW Six and Bait, the lighter Four and Bait has a proven track record here in New Zealand where it has earned a great reputation.

Part of the AFAW Blue label rod range, this fixed spool version of the Four and Bait is the perfect rod for those days (or evenings) when you can get away with lighter leads and simply don't need 6 oz's of lead. This can really sent out a 4oz lead while providing fantastic bite indication.

Due to its weight, or lack of it, it can be hand-held as well as being put in a rod stand. It has a lovely soft tip, which will allow the use of soft baits, but is also an ideal rod for larger baits at shorter distances.  As a lighter beach rod it is also ideal for longer and lighter rigs given the opportunity.

They are fitted with Fuji rings throughout adjustable screw winch and diamond wrap shrink.


  • Adjustable screw sliding reel seat
  • Casts 2-5oz (optimum 4oz)
  • Two-piece design
  • Supplied in a cloth bag
  • Fuji BNOG rings
  • Diamond wrap shrink tube


  • Length: 14' (4.26m)
  • Weight: 595 grams