Caffesso Intense Selection Pack (100x Coffee Capsules)

SKU Code: Intense100

The Intense Box contains blends with a higher intensity. Higher intensity simply means that there is more "strength of taste" which makes these boxes perfect for those of you that prefer flat whites or other milk based recipes.

Suitable for Nespresso coffee machines.

This premium Arabica single origin coffee has been expertly roasted to deliver a balanced taste with winey notes and full body. Colombian coffees are believed to be the richest in the world and our roasting profile creates this richness in every cup. 

Forza Roma
If you enjoy a glass of Merlot, you'll love our strong espresso expertly crafted from the finest Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil, Africa and India. This intensely roasted Espresso blend combines the acidity and woody notes of two separate Robusta coffees, with the subtlety of cereal and winey notes, and more pronounced chocolate overtones of our selected Arabica. Forza Roma is blended to deliver a powerful coffee tasting experience.

Indiano is crafted from 100% Indian Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Its intense aroma comes from a combination of slow roasting and high caffeine, and its dark roasted finish lends a caramelized body to Indiano's richness and heady taste characteristics perfectly evocative of the Indian sub-continent. Makes a great Ristretto too.

We've blended coffee beans from the oldest origins of the genus. This vigorous espresso blend exudes the distinctive characteristics of Ethiopian, Mexican, Indian and Colombian coffees with a hint of cocoa, and an enhancing Asian Robusta citrus bite, guaranteeing a full bodied cappuccino or a powerful Cafe Cortado.

Strong, deep, cultivated flavours and a subtle finesse from Indian plantation beans and Costa Rican Tarrazu with high-grown South American and African coffees. This complex 100% Arabica, northern Italian style blend creates a deliciously full-bodied espresso with a distinctive aroma, and a taste reminiscent of the Orient. Ideal served as espresso or ristretto. 

A single origin Arabica coffee sourced from the premium coffee region in Ethiopia. Our gentle roasting of these special beans creates a fragrant well balanced coffee with floral undertones and low acidity. Makes a great espresso or ristretto.


  • 10x Colombian Capsules
  • 20x Forza Roma Capsules
  • 20x Indiano Capsules
  • 20x Intenso Capsules
  • 10x Lungo Forte Capsules
  • 10x Milano Capsules
  • 10x Sidamo Capsules

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