Cressi Immersed Turbo EDF Snorkel Set


Multiple sizes available - please specify when ordering.

If you are looking for a dive set that do it all, look no further! 

The Immersed Optrix mask is great value for money and features twin tempered glass lenses and a soft clear silicone skirt. This mask is well suited to Scuba and snorkeling. Optical lenses available in -2 to -5 dioptre and +1.75 to +2.75. Lenses are an additional cost. 

The Immersed Dropaway purge snorkel is an ideal entry level snorkel which features a splash guard, easy dropaway mouth piece and purge valve. Its soft silicone mouth piece is on the smaller side making it perfect for children and women divers. Immersed open-heel Economy Dive Fins are made with thermoplastic and rubber blades to ensure the fin remains lightweight and comfortable reducing diver fatigue. 

The large foot pocket and adjustable straps allow for a variety of foot sizes. Ideal for Scuba divers or basic freedivers. Optrix mask and drop away snorkel in blue only. 

Comes in convenient drawstring carry bag.