Gardena AquaBloom Solar-Powered Irrigation Set

SKU Code: A002968

Plant care for when you’re not there. With GARDENA AquaBloom your balcony and tub plants are in good hands - all season long.

AquaBloom waters and takes care of your plants even in times when you're not around. The helpful system requires neither a water tap nor a power supply in your garden or terrace. With just an additional water bucket you’ll be ready to go.


  • 3-in-1 pump, control & solar panel
  • No tap or power needed - just a bucket!
  • Water up to 20 plants to a maximum height of 4m
  • 14 pre defined watering programs
  • Place on a pot, table, or fix to wall
  • No more time consuming irrigation
  • 5 Year Gardena Warranty


  • 1x Gardena aquabloom
  • 20m Tube
  • 20x Drip Heads
  • 15x Pipe Pegs
  • 8x T-Pieces
  • 8x Plugs
  • 1x Filter