INOVA Rig Rapper Box Set

SKU Code: 200082

Don't be tempted to throw away those traces, INOVA Rig rappers are perfect for tidying up the fishing tackle box and keeping your rigs and/or traces at hand and ready for that fishing action.

INOVA Rig rappers are foam winders used for storing your fishing traces, with a 5mm slot to drop swivels into as guide to start winding the rig and can be secured at the end and labelled with the 24 pins and stickers also included in the pack making a compact and tidy rig storage system.

Can be used for any fishing rigs both boat or beach for reducing tangles and keeping your tackle box neat and tidy.


  • Tackle box is made from a strong lightweight plastic
  • Stores 24 INOVA foam Rig rappers
  • Different rapper colours allows you to colour code different rigs
  • Each rapper is 60 x 15mm in size


  • Purpose-made storage tackle box (27 x 21 x 8 cm)
  • 24x Foam rig winders/holders