Jumpflex FLEX80 Trampoline

Stylish, robust and bouncy, Jumpflex trampolines are designed and engineered from the ground up by a couple of kiwi brothers looking at making a great all-round family trampoline.

The metal springs are tried and tested at offering a smooth effective bounce and Jumpflex believe they have designed the safest sprung trampoline. Using heavy-duty springs ensures an amazing bounce for jumpers of all ages, weight and skill. Every Jumpflex frame comes with an unbeatable 10-year warranty and a market-leading 250kg weight rating.

The trampoline has a unique safety-first design so you can flip, spin, twirl and do all the stuff that makes bouncing so much fun without the risk.

The Jumpflex Classic 80 Trampoline is perfect for beginner bouncers with a diameter of 2.5m/8ft.

Endlessweave Technology
A soft-touch safety net that’ll last. The 8ft trampolines with net enclosures are designed to stand the test of time and weather. JumpFlex nets are made from 100% high-strength polyester with an active UV addictive that stops sun wear. Woven together using EndlessWeave continuous knot-free system, the nets are soft, yet incredibly durable. Like the rest of the JumpFlex Classic range, the 8ft trampolines with enclosures feature one of the best nets on the market, which is why they’re backed by the best warranty in New Zealand.

Unique SafeSeal System
Say ‘no’ to gaps. Gaps are accidents waiting to happen. Good thing Jumpflex trampolines don’t have them. The 8 foot trampoline features a 360-degree net that security seals to the jump mat on either side of the door and all the way around. Unlike on other 8ft trampolines for sale in New Zealand, JumpFlex use no clips, so with the door zipped shut, there’s nowhere for a leg, arm or even a finger to slip through.

Built for the Family
Strong trampolines equal bigger, smoother bouncing for the whole family. Good thing JumpFlex frames are engineered from 42-gauge high-tensile steel that will never buckle or lose shape. This means the Classic 80 2.4m trampoline (8ft) is able to handle an incredible 150kg load.

42-Gauge Steel Frame
Built with durability and stability in mind, JumpFlex trampolines use high tensile 42 gauge steel tubing for the frame and 2mm T joint assembly. This gives the 8ft trampolines with ladders a solid, rigid base which won’t buckle or lose shape. A strong frame is also fundamental in producing a smooth, big bounce. To create the rust proof frame on the 8ft trampoline and enclosure, all metal components are coated inside and out with an extremely hardy protective zinc coating. Visible frame secTons have an additional black powder coated finish, so that Jumpflex trampolines look great and blend into their surroundings.

Jumpflex Spring Technology
Trampoline pros agree, springs deliver “the most awesome bounce”. That’s why to build the best 8ft trampoline, Jumpflex invested in engineering the best springs on the market. The high-tensile extension springs combined with durable 2mm T-joint assemblies form a stable and springy foundation that results in smooth, deep bouncing and maximum airtime. While ideal for jumpers weighing 20 – 90 kg, JumpFlex trampolines have a whooping maximum user weight of 150kg!

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