MagnaPool Hydroxinator Mid iQ

SKU Code: WW000193

MagnaPool has evolved with the next generation of Hydroxinators. Beautifully designed with smart tech built in to take the guesswork out of maintaining a healthy MagnaPool.

MagnaPool owners desire only the best, not just from their equipment but also to ensure their swimming experience is the most enjoyable. The advancement of technology combined with years of tried and tested research into the MagnaPool system means this next generation of Hydroxinators will provide the very best management of mineral water pools.

Health & Wellbeing
MagnaPool minerals soften and produce silky sparkling clear pool water that is gentle on skin, eyes and hair

Reduces the need for many additional chemicals plus when diluted MagnaPool backwash can be used to water your garden. Zodiac recommend a dilution of 5 water - 1 backwash water (you must abide by the local environmental laws regarding backwash water in your area).

iAqualink Enabled
A standard feature with all MagnaPool Hydroxinators is a built-in WiFi chip that allows you to monitor, control and change all your schedules and outputs directly from your smart phone. iAquaLink is the worlds premier pool equipment device control platform. It also allows for constant updates and improvements to be delivered directly into your hydroxinator, no call out fee, no hassles iAquaLink puts full control at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Automated Water Chemistry
If you are looking for the absolute pinnacle in automated water management of your pH and chlorine levels via ORP, these features come standard on the pH or PRO models, but they are also available as upgrades if you want to add them down the track. The premium grade sensors will monitor and keep pH levels in balance and perfectly regulated. Whilst on the PRO version your chlorine levels are continuously monitored and adjusted to ensure safe healthy water every time you go for a swim.

Ultra Long Life RP Cell
These upgraded automatic cleaning cell plates have an ultra long life, combined with smart tech in the chlorine production that will provide years of performance.

Variable Speed Pump Control
Directly connect to your Zodiac VS pump and set schedules and speeds to suit the needs of your pool, and reduce energy consumption.

Additional Features

  • Smart temp sensor
  • Pool cover mode
  • Multi-colour light control