Mental Health Foundation Donation - 1,000 Points

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The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand (MHF) is a charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people can enjoy positive mental health and wellbeing.

The Foundation’s work is diverse and expansive, from running national campaigns such as Mental Health Awareness Week and Pink Shirt Day, to supporting people to manage mental health issues and advocating for better support, services and policies. The MHF also works to increase awareness about mental health and mental illness so everyone feels comfortable asking friends and whānau if they are okay.

Your donation will help support health promotion resources that increase knowledge around wellbeing; support the development of latest research and help fund an enquiry service and range of brochures on mental health and suicide prevention topics.

You can show your support for their work by redeeming your points as a donation to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.


Important Details:
1. Points can be donated to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand  from 1 September 2019 online or by calling 0800 99 76278.
2. Points can be donated in amounts of 500, 1000, 3000 or 5000.
3. A full donation will be made directly to Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand on a monthly basis. An admin fee is required to process this donation and will be deducted from the total funds donated before being donated to Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.
4. To avoid possible tax implications that may arise for members who seek to claim a tax credit for making their points donations, members will not be entitled to a receipt for the value of their points donation. Smart Loyalty NZ Ltd gives no assurance in relation to your ability to claim any tax credit for making your points donation