Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader

SKU Code: HAS - E1607

Stay in stealth mode or light the way with the Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader blaster!

This motorised blaster features a clear housing that illuminates when the light activator is pressed. Keep the blaster in clear mode during stealth missions to stay undetected. Illuminate the blaster to guide the way in low-light situations. Customise the blaster with the barrel extension that lights up when attached to the blaster. Tactical rails provide additional places for more customizing accessories. Load the 12-dart clip into the Evader blaster, take aim, and unleash 12 darts in a row with rapid-fire motorized blasting.

Suitable for ages 8+ years.


  • 1x Blaster
  • 1x Clip housing cover
  • 1x Light-up barrel extension
  • 12-dart clip
  • 12x darts
  • Instructions

Please note: requires 4x AA alkaline batteries (not included).