PoolCandy Tube Runner Motorised Pool Tube

SKU Code: PC3025TR

Why float when you can drive? PoolCandy's motorised pool tube will revolutionise the way you play on the water.

Tube Runner is a motorised pool tube that features a three-blade propeller that will move you effortlessly through the water. Sit back and relax in the most feature-rich motorised pool tube ever made! Great to cruise around any pool or lake, it gives you complete freedom of movement. Bump, race or relax and control using the push button thrust with a 66W motor and three-blade propeller that allows you to spin 360°.

Recommended for ages 14+ years


  • 48" diameter
  • Motorised power and 360° control
  • Fully-enclosed three-blade propeller
  • Uses 6x D-cell batteries to operate (not included)

Click here to view the PoolCandy Motorised Pool Tube in action.