Sunbeam DiamondForce ReversaGrill BBQ Grill

SKU Code: HGM3000DF

The DiamondForce™ ReversaGrill™ is the ideal BBQ for your home and is a great addition to your cookware when you’re entertaining or cooking wholesome family meals.

The BBQ Grill is two times more durable* than traditional non-stick cookware, thanks to the unique diamond particles infused coating creating a strong interlocking matrix layer at the base of the pan and grill. You can expect superior non-stick performance when cooking.

The cast-in heating element allows you to control the temperature with a thermostat, ensuring your food is consistently cooked through. You can cook an entire meal from breakfast to dinner with this versatile BBQ grill, as you can flip between the grill and the flat plate. The built-in drip tray easily catches excess oil making your meal healthier and a lot less messy – especially if you’re grilling and cooking indoors.

Experience the DiamondForce™ advantage with Sunbeam’s range of electric cookware.


  • Twice as durable* DiamondForce™ non-stick coating
  • Easy clean, requiring little to no oil
  • 2200W element
  • Heavy duty base for even distribution
  • 2-in-1 reversible plates
  • Built-in drip tray


  • Double-ended cleaning spatula

*Scratch tested and compared to traditional non-stick coating