Sunbeam Snack Heroes Popcorn Maker

SKU Code: CP4600

Get hot, fresh popcorn at home quicker than an ad break.


  • Transparent cover with popping chute - allows you to view the popcorn making process
  • Popping chamber - kernels are placed into the popping chamber and popcorn is released
  • Butter and measuring scoop - ensures an accurate measure of kernels and doubles as a butter melting tray. The capacity of the butter and measuring scoop is equivalent to ¹⁄³ cup or 70 grams 
  • Butter stirrer - lid can be used to stir the butter through the popped popcorn
  • Ventilation holes - allows heat to escape
  • On/Off switch - indicates when the unit is switched on/off
  • In-built safety switch - turns the popcorn maker off when the lid is left open
  • Max line indicator - provides a guide as to the maximum amount of kernels to use. Do not fill above the max line indicator, the maximum amount is equivalent to 90 grams
  • Non slip feet - provides extra stability