The Pindrop Foundation Donation (1,000 Points)

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Increasing awareness of disabling hearing loss and cochlear implant technology through patient advocacy, education and research.

Communication is at the heart of all human relationships, and the gift of hearing enables us to interact and communicate with our loved ones, friends and work colleagues. Over 20,000 New Zealanders are living with severe to profound hearing loss, an invisible and silent disability which is excluding them from the heart of human relationships.

When hearing loss becomes severe to profound, hearing aids are no longer enough. Cochlear implants are life-changing devices that may help through giving the gift to sound to those that are affected by severe hearing loss.  In the words of one client, "The cochlear implant helped break me out from the prison of my disability. Free to hear again, I could embrace life to the full.”

The Pindrop Foundation works to achieve better access to cochlear implants by collaborating with cochlear implant recipients. Along with advocating to the Government for sustainable funding to eliminate excessive waitlists, raising awareness of cochlear implant technology, peer to peer support, education and research.

The Pindrop Foundation is here to support and ensure that all those affected by severe hearing loss have access to this incredible technology. 



Important Details:
1. Points can be donated to the Pindrop Foundation from 2 February 2020 online or by calling 0800 99 76278.
2. Points can be donated in amounts of  100, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000 or 10000.
3. A full donation will be made directly to Pindrop Foundation on a quarterly basis. An admin fee is required to process this donation and will be deducted from the total funds donated before being donated to Pindrop Foundation.
4. To avoid possible tax implications that may arise for members who seek to claim a tax credit for making their points donations, members will not be entitled to a receipt for the value of their points donation. Smart Loyalty NZ Ltd gives no assurance in relation to your ability to claim any tax credit for making your points donation