Torpedo7 Kakapo Woollen Single Kayak (Special Edition)



The Torpedo7 Kakapo Woollen Single Kayak SE is a collaboration between Torpedo7 and Shear Edge, a state-of-the-art materials engineering company finding new and radical uses for wool fibres. 

The Kakapo Kayak is the perfect choice for an adult in shore and flat water paddling kayak. The Kakapo is suitable for recreational kayaking and with the addition of two rod holders it also doubles as a basic fishing kayak too. The Kakapo has been designed with a stable hull design matched with a flared bow to give the kayak unmatched speed and tracking in its class. A lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry with lifting handles at both ends and centre. Boasting a maximum weight capacity of 145kg makes this kayak suitable for all paddlers.


  • Made from raw materials including 35% strong wool by volume, using Shear Edge proprietary technology
  • Made in New Zealand, from the strong wool collected from New Zealand farms, to the production of the kayaks themselves. 
  • New Zealand ZQ Farms: The strong wool used in this kayak is sourced from farms right here in New Zealand. ZQ certified by the New Zealand Merino Company, this is the world's leading ethical and sustainable strong wool.
  • Strong Wool: Unlike merino wool, strong wool is coarse and makes up 90% of New Zealand's wool. Traditionally strong wool is made into carpets, and your classic kiwi Swanndri, but Shear Edge is using it in new, radical ways!
  • Base Polymer: The base polymer for this kayak is high density polyethylene and is bound together with the wool fibre matrix.
  • Keravos Technology: Shear Edge have engineered and designed the Keravos Technology to produce world first wool fibre composites.
  • Shear Edge Rota: Embedded with a highly engineered matrix of wool fibres, Shear Edge materials can be made into almost any product on the planet.
  • Manufacturing: A method called rotational moulding is used to make your Kakapo Woollen Kayak right here in Tamaki Makaurau, New Zealand.
  • End of Life Collection: The Torpedo7 Kakapo Woollen Single Kayak SE is built to last. But we know there comes a time when your kayak will reach the end of its life. The materials used are 100% recyclable meaning you can return your kayak to any Torpedo7 store and we'll do the rest!
  • Recycling: Your kayak will be chipped up into what we like to call shards. These go back through Keravos Technology to be made into new world first products!
  • Kayak designed with an up to date modern hull for unmatched speed and tracking in its class.
  • Sized to meet the demands from both adult and late teen paddlers.
  • Made from durable high-impact polyethylene with superior UV protection.
  • Deck of kayak designed to lay flat upside down on roof racks for easy transport.
  • Multiple footrest positions for different height paddlers.
  • Includes fittings to take optional kayak seat.
  • Scupper holes drain cockpit area.


  • Weight: 20kg
  • Length: 2.9m
  • Width: 0.76m
  • Max Paddler Weight: 120kg
  • Max Approximate Volume: 268 Litres
  • Dimensions: 2.9m x 0.76m x 0.3m

Note: Paddle sold seperately