Torpedo7 Viper 20" Kids Bike


Multiple colours available (preorder Blue/Grey model for January 2021) - please specify when ordering.

The Torpedo7 Viper is the perfect bike for a young cyclist.

A lightweight and durable aluminium frame helps to keep weight down, with proportionally sized controls and confident handling, making it the ideal bike for the up and coming rider. For any youngster, learning how to shift and master gears can be a tricky exercise, which is why Torpedo7 have spec'd just one single chain ring in the front to simplify shifting.

A quality seven-speed Shimano drive train helps to get them around the neighbourhood or up the park hills comfortably. Torpedo7 top it off with a double-sided chainguard to keep the chain in place and clothes and legs out of the chain's way. A suspension fork with 2” of travel helps smooth out bumps in the trail. 20” wheels and trail-ready tyres also provide ample grip on dirt or paved surfaces.

The Viper is the perfect commuter or casual off-pavement bike!