Volt Bumper Plate (10kg)

SKU Code: 03463

These plates are solid rubber, making them safe for dropping onto rubber floor tiles or a lifting platform without risking damage to your plates. Having surpassed an 8000 cycle drop test can give you the confidence that these plates are built to last!

The rubber used to manufacture these plates is a natural rubber, which unlike other options creates very little odour.
A solid steel centre core leads to further increased longevity and durability as it is much less prone to breaking than other bumper plates on the market currently.

The hardwearing nature of these plates makes them perfect for domestic, or commercial use. They are covered by a full commercial warranty which makes them a perfect new addition to your Olympic, power lifting or cross training centre!

Our range of Volt brand bumper plates are a fantastic option for serious lifters, or anyone interested in including Olympic lifts to their workouts!

  • Commercial grade
  • Low odour natural rubber
  • 8000 cycle drop tested
  • Incredibly durable steel centre core
  • Backed by a full commercial warranty
  • Fits 50mm Olympic bars

Sold individually.