adidas Zonyk Aero Sunglasses - Black Matte Frame/LST Active Silver Lens

SKU Code: AD06L-9100

After the Adidas Zonyk, Adidas now introduces the Zonyk Aero. These glasses are a little difference as the frame isn't a complete wrap-around design, but open below the lenses instead. This makes the Aero look a little less bulky, making it more suitable for people with a narrow facial shape.

The Adidas Zony Aero has multiple superior technologies combined with an enormous field of view. The special "curved lens shape" which Adidas refers to as "extreme wrap-around design" offers you a maximum field of view while at the same time protecting your eyes from dirt and wind.

AD06L-9100 Details

  • Size: Large
  • Frame Colour: Black Matte
  • Lens Colour: LST Active Silver

Please note: the delivery time for this Adidas product will take approx. 2-4 weeks.