Smart Loyalty Privacy Statement

  •  Smart Loyalty will collect information about the Member including information provided so that we can administer and facilitate associated rewards programmes and also so that we can facilitate redemption of points by Members for rewards:
    •  by the Merchant (and other merchants participating in the Programme) concerning Eligible Transactions; and 
    • from other sources as required to ensure that the Member obtains the maximum benefit from membership in the Programme; 
  • The Member consents to Smart Loyalty and the Merchant collecting information in relation to the Member and utilising it: 
    • to promote services offered by all participating merchants relating to the Programme including but not limited to special product offers, discounts on purchases, special savings and collection of Points; 
    • for marketing, product development and research purposes; and 
    • for disclosure to merchants in distributing promotional information. 
  • Information in relation to the Member will be held by Smart Loyalty at its premises in Hamilton and pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 the Member may make written request for access to and correction of personal information held by Smart Loyalty. 
  • A fee to cover the reasonable costs incurred by Smart Loyalty in responding to a request for information by the Member may be charged and if a fee is payable then Smart Loyalty will advise the Member of the amount of the fee and obtain payment before responding to the request.